1. My little oak

Back in 2019, not long after I purchased the land and dawn and I started taking our first, proper look around, we found a small oak tree, hidden away in the middle of a tangle of brambles and hawthorn branches.

I cleared away some of the brambles, which had scarred the trunk quite deeply, opening up some space around the little oak. By the end of 2019 I was very gratified to see that the oak had survived and had indeed managed to thrive.

During the course of 2020, “little oak” continues to grow at a surprising rate, gaining at least a foot in height and several feet in limb length. However, the hawthorn and bramble still threatened to restrict her growth – already she appears to be leaning toward the open area and the light, causing the trunk to develop at an unusual angle (hence the stake I put in earlier this year).

On Dec 25th, I cleared some more of the bramble growth, but having established that BBC considered hawthorns to be trees (rather than hedgerow shrubs) was waiting on the official planning permission before cutting back some of the hawthorn branches.

So, this is where we are now, until February…

To be continued…


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