2. The fallen willow

(Image from September 2019...)

At one time, I had entertained the possibility of one day establishing bee hives at Stackmoor.The honey would be a nice side line, and all the planting projects we had would benefit from having busy pollinators at hand (and vice versa). But first the flooding called one or two possible hive sites into doubt, and then one of the sites, under a goat willow, is now blanketed in a shower of splintered branches. . .

(Yup, that's the same tree, February 2020...)

Goat willows are resilient and persistent b*ggers. They will continue to grow and sprout new limbs even after the main trunk has been decimated. So, this fallen tree would, in time, just cover more and more land, making the land useless for any other sort of planting, and incidentally blocking one of the pathways I had been planning.

As mentioned in the “Looking forward, to 2021” blog post, clearing this tree will allow for several other, more rugged trees to be planted instead. We had always favoured native British varieties for new trees (notwithstanding the laurels we planted in March to start a new hedgerow screen with an evergreen element), and have oak and birch in the main woods. So I will be looking at some other varieties to plant, in due course.

To be continued…