It took a while to get done, but that's one serious haircut!

September 2019

When we bought the land here at Willington, to say it was overgrown is somewhat of an understatement. In places, the grasses were almost 3 feet tall, while some of the thistles even threatened to scar my ribs (I’m over 6 foot, BTW). It was also a haven for many kinds of things that bite; something I rediscovered whenever I waded around in shorts…

However, we needed to wait a little longer before cutting back could begin.

Through July and August, while we wandered round the ‘meadow’ area, we began to understand just how much these unsightly weeds and grasses were an essential component in the life cycle of various moths and butterflies (see the Cinnabar blog)…

We delayed the much needed ‘trim’.

By the time we felt we were ready, the meadow was clearly more than a Flymo or strimmer could handle, so we (and our neighbour) arranged for a chap to come in and give the area a severe re-styling.

We were there the morning it took place, and I felt both saddened and fascinated as I watched voles, shrews, frogs, toads and common lizards, scramble for safety. Of course, we knew that the meadow was teeming with life. We heard it often as we blundered around, but we were never able to identify the source of the furtive scurrying sounds. It was sadder still, to witness the exodus, knowing that there were many who would not make it out of the approaching maelstrom…

. . . But if it is allowed or encouraged to do so, life does recover. Happily, Nature is like that. And now we have new forms of life able to re-establish themselves in the meadow.