As if to prove my point...

30th Aug 2021

As if to prove my point about the 'fragile' yet resilient nature of goat willows, a couple of weeks ago, on returning from the deeper woods to work on cutting down the first of the five willows there (see the recent 4. Open Skies... post) I glanced over at the large tree I had stripped of branches a few months ago (see 3. The Domino Trees..) and was not surprised to see how much new growth there was on the stump...

...but what caught my eye behind and to the left of the stump (visible if you know what you are looking for... a spray of branches...) was a newly fallen branch on another tree. Well, not so much a branch as an entire trunk.

This is the pattern of collapse I was expecting to see on more of the older goat willows. On the one hand it was nice to know what to expect from these trees in the future and know that I'd be clearing the debris in a new area and planting more sustainable trees and plants . . . but on the other hand, I'd be clearing the debris in another new area (after suitable planning permission was sought) in order to plan more sustainable trees and plants... And that was time (and money) that were not in significant supply for the foreseeable future.

Much as I enjoy the exercise and sense of achievement each time I dismantle another tree, I am slowly transforming Stackmoor into a lumber yard. I could, of course, have a huge bonfire to get rid of some of the smaller branches, but that wouldn't be very environmentally friendly. So now I'm on the lookout for a reliable, second hand (i.e. cheap) petrol driven wood chipper (+50mm dia capacity, if anyone was wondering...).

[BTW, I could be updating this post in a couple of months when, as I suspect, that fissure to the left of the green netting decides to open up . . .though honestly, any one of those trunks could decide to go next...]