Feeding time…

Just after Christmas last year I hung up a few feeders (the fat-ball type) to help some of the smaller birds get through the winter. After a couple of days one of the feeders was clearly being used, but the other two much less so. I topped up the used one (hanging in the hawthorn that can be seen from the track) and hoped to return again soon.

I did manage to return a couple more times before the 4th, but once back at work with conference calls and meetings keeping me in the home office, I didn’t manage to revisit Stackmoor until today. It had been 7 days since my last visit and all three feeders were empty or virtually empty. I refilled these and put up four more, including two seed feeders.

Eventually I want to put up some wildlife cameras and document some of the birds who visit. Already I’ve seen Blue, Great, Willow and Long-tailed tits, Robins, Wrens, Tree Creepers, Dunnock, and what could have been a Dartford warbler (though not common to this region) but more likely a particularly colourful Long-tailed tit. At some point I’ll add a new page to the Fauna link, to showcase and birds I manage to photograph.