Rainwater collection - never as easy as it sounds!

20th January 2020


So, what is the difference between ‘rainwater harvesting’ and ‘rainwater collection’, you might ask?

Well, rainwater harvesting (when it works) is the successful accumulation or management of rainfall for current and future use. As reported in the October blog, this is something we are still trying to accomplish more reliably.

Rainwater collection, it turns out, is something that Stackmoor already does well. Rather too well in some places. . .

The heavy rainfall of the past three months has resulted in a significant area of incidental water accumulation - i.e. flooding - one place being the area previously planned for our harvesting trial. On a positive note, though, judging from the amount of groundwater in the area of the Mk1 rainwater harvesting skeleton, there will be sufficient water available for our planting projects – even if we collect ‘manually’ (a technique I have dubbed “bailing in”). Expect to read more on our rainwater harvesting exploits in a future blog post.

At this point, the Willington locals will be nodding, knowingly, and a few of our neighbours will be wearing “I told you so” smiles. (We may not have seen the promised ducks yet, but I think I saw signs of a web-footed badger…).

So, we are now looking at agricultural drainage solutions. Something that will draw a lot of the surface water away from our planned planting areas. Some trees, like the fruiting and ornamental cherry, don’t do well in standing water . . . and mango groves are hardly native…

This need not necessarily be detrimental to our planting plans. We are taking professional advice on this in order to find an effective solution that will also have minimal environmental impact. So let’s be positive!